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What is the best Fork Range for RockShox? . 5 MB) Custom valved and set-up to rider weight, ability and riding style. Set it up properly and you&39;ll be in bump absorbing heaven, grabbing every bit of available traction, blitzing through rock sections, blasting jumps, sending drops, and loving your ride. Can I hang my bicycle for storage- will this affect my RockShox fork or rear shock? Additionally, the refined Motion Control IS damper features Rapid Recovery rebound and its high-speed compression circuit is tuned to match the feeling of the Charger damper. . You might also like.

RockShox 35mm Seal Kit RockShox 35mm Seal Kit UPC:. Please note: Pike, Boxxer, Lyrik, Domain, and Yari are not remote compatible at this time. Sag is the amount of travel, measured as a percentage of full travel, that the suspension compresses when the rider, including gear, is on the bicycle in the normal riding position. Seite 8 English Recon & Tora User Manual ‘open’ compression (fig. Posted: at 1:25 Quote: Simple question, If you buy a Rockshox Yari and swap the motion control damper to a Charger 2.

Materiale usato nel video: Olio : Rockshox 0-30W Grasso : RSP Slick Kick In qu. We run the Maxle pointing straight back — nine o’clock (number nine on the Maxle). 5 15X100 Crown Alum Str TPR 42 Offset Solo Air (Includes Fender,2 BTM Tokens, Star Nut, Maxle Stealth) A1, Black, 160mm 8. For Fox Luftkappe Installation instructions, click HERE. 83 Only 2 left in stock (more on the way).

See full list on servicearchive. Can I upgrade my fork to have a remote. To obtain service information and instructions, visit our website at www. It goes through its travel very easily and most rides I&39;m almost pushing the O ring.

” RockShox supplies an air pressure guide printed on the left leg. Rockshox Suspension Oil. Combine the recommended pressure with the sag indicator (printed on the right leg) to get the set-up exactly where you want it. rockshox technical manual (english) part, rev. Rockshox Pike/Lyrik/Yari Instructions The Luftkappe can be installed by anyone who already possesses the tools and the know-how to service their own fork - or by anybody who has the tools and can follow instructions closely. “If you take the Maxle out and look at the white line and the corresponding number, you can then push the head in and turn the Maxle until you get your desired position. 1) In the ‘Open’ position, the Motion Control Damping system allows for maximum compliance and fork movement.

For an improved shopping experience, we recommend that you use the most recent versions of Google. “To get your Maxle set up, thread it all the way in, back it off half a turn and close the lever. ) The tokens are housed in the spring leg (left leg as you sit on the bike).

· Pike, Lyrik, Yari, and Revelation get revisions that provide more support at the top of the forks&39; travel, and a smoother rock shox yari setting manual overall feel. Your riding style, terrain, and bicycle geometry can benefit from further adjustments to tune your suspension for your preferences. Rockshox Yari token tuning / not getting full travel.

Currently looking for some forks for a 29er trail bike and have spotted some Yari’s at a good price. There will be around 13 clicks of adjustment on offer. Check your fork against the chart below to see if you’re running the correct number of spacers. More Rock Shox Yari Setting Manual videos. Whichever you prefer, you should aim to have the fork returning in a controlled manner that isn’t so fast as to return violently, or excessively slow. Check the lever position and think of it as hands on a clock. Note: The low-speed adjustment only has an effect when the blue outer dial is in the open position (two o’clock when viewed from in the saddle). “Also, some riders prefer a slightly faster fork while others a slower one.

“This is always a personal adjustment”, says Cancellier, “dependent on your air pressure — rebound is trying to control the force of the air spring returning to full extension. Product: RockShox Yari RC - Fork: Riding Type: Trail Wheel Size: 27. The more basic Motion Control. The Yari is a little heavier, but I think either fork would be a huge upgrade to what I got on the bike now, but I&39;m wondering. KIT UP user manual FR. 5kg bike and a 92kg rider with 28% sag. For instance, go somewhere fast and rough, like the Alps, and you may have to run slower rebound damping, or change your air pressure. We stock RockShox products ready for fast and efficient shipping.

If you’ve changed the volume and lowered the air pressure, you can increase low-speed compression to let the fork ride higher, but still have it supple over small bumps. It&39;s this passion and participation that leads to many of the innovations seen in our products. Remove the dust-cap, depress the Schrader valve with a 3mm Allen key, and let all the air out.

We ride our bikes to work and around town. RockShox was created to help every rider find their line. How many models of RockShox are there? Although it is designed to be a "trail fork," the Yari provides the same confidence inspiring stiffness offered by the Lyric but in lower travel configurations. 1 Damper, Is the yari then basicly a Lyrik, or are there other.

” When installing the tokens, ensure you thread them securely int. In this video I finally do the 50 hour lower leg service on my Rockshox Yari RC fork on my Diamondback Release 1. This warranty does not apply to damage to the product caused by a crash, impact, abuse of the product, non-compliance with manufacturers. Genuine and original RockShox spare part.

Tuning recommendations, upgrade information, and service support all in your hand, customized for your fork. We ride our bikes in the peloton, on the trails and down the mountains. Please rock shox yari setting manual select the appropriate air shaft for the fork, wheel size and the travel you want to achieve. From the start, the shock pressure was very high (in my view) at 230psi.

How do you set up a RockShox? The sleek new Maxle is a more robust unit with a simplified action. Set the bike up to work with you – I never get down the bottom of my forks unless im really hammering it and make a mistake. A larger volume is easier to bottom-out, a smaller volume will ramp up more towards the end of the stroke. Download: Yari damper Removal and Lyrik 35 mm older Installation and Set-up Manual Rev C(13. Your browser does not support all of our website’s functionality. Please go to a Cannondale Dealer if you have questions.

For all spare parts, see our current spare parts catalog, found on the service portion of our website. These charts will give you the best initial air pressure and rebound settings. There are 15 different fork models in the RockShox range, with each of those coming in a number of different configurations with various dampers and spring options.

Turning it in the direction of the hare will reduce damping; tortoise to increase. Your complete guide to the RockShox fork range NEW - Your complete guide to Rockshox rear shocks Your complete guide to SRAM MTB drivetrains, from AXS and XX1 Eagle to NX Best mountain bikes for under rock shox yari setting manual £1000- best budget options ridden and rated Your complete guide to the Fox Shox fork range. ” Thus, heavier riders running higher air pressures will likely require more rebound damping than lighter riders. RockShox TrailHead App is the starting point to get your suspension dialed in for the perfect ride. · RockShox takes the very user-friendly approach of using a tortoise and a jackalope to tell the rider which way to turn the rebound knob in order to increase or decrease the speed with which their. If you want to find out about those, skip down to the bottom of the article.

“For more aggressive riders, I recommend one or two tokens at 160mm”, explains Cancellier. We develop and manufacture state of the art bicycle suspension forks, shocks, and dropper posts. RockShox Unisex&39;s Fork Yari Rc 27. I&39;ve had a RockShox Deluxe R Debonair on my Focus Jam2 for almost 8 months now. · RockShox Yari The Yari is a more affordably priced version of the Lyrik, using the same chassis but less refined dampers across the range to keep the cost down.

5" at 150mm or 29" at 130mm. “I would aim for 5-10psi less depending on how many tokens were added. Rock Shox SID Service Manual 1998 Rock Shox SID Service Manual 1998 Date: 26/04/17 Views: 4034 Keywords: 1998, Rockshox, rock, shox, suspension, fork. Upgrade kits are available for many existing RockShox. For details on Cartridge click here: To order tools, revalving kits, and replacement adaptors click here:. What i want to know is. Using a 24mm socket on older models, or a cassette removal tool on newer models, unscrew the top-cap assembly from the fork. Page 6: Dampers Dampers Before setting sag, set the dampers to the full open positions.

All RockShox spare parts can be ordered through your local bicycle dealer. 5+/29 Pike for 9 or a 29+ Yari for 9. Entretien fourche.

What suspension fluid should I use in my fork? ” Top tip: If you ride somewhere new, you may have to adjust your settings to suit the terrain. Air volume is actually really easy to change on RockShox forks (including the Pike Solo Air and Lyrik) by adding or subtracting Bottomless Tokens.

com : RockShox Yari RC Fork 27. How do you change air volume on RockShox? In the case of the Pike, we’ve found. 5" 160mm Solo Air MaxleLite 15 x 100 Crown Adjust Tapered 42mm Offset, A1, Diffusion Black : Sports & Outdoors.

See more results. (Note: older Dual Position Pike forks don’t have this feature. RockShox Pike / Lyrik B1 / Yari / BoXXer / Domain Dual Crown 35mm SKF Dust Seals and Foam Rings — . The fifth and final tip for RockShox fork setup is about the thru axle. “Now that we have reduced the air rock shox yari setting manual volume in the fork by adding Bottomless Tokens, we can run less air pressure for better small-bump absorption but with increased bottoming resistance”, says Cancellier. COVID-19: We ask for your understanding as you may experience delivery delays.

5+, 29+ Travel: Option 1: 120mm Option 2: 130mm Option 3: 140mm Option 4. Also for: Rock shox lyrik. These suggestions are a recommended starting point.

000 Pike (160mm 26/150mm 27. At SRAM we are passionate about cycling. What is the recommended service interval for my RockShox rear shock? Is using any suspension fluid ok? If you set your sag whilst being sat down your rear shock will end up being set too firm and your fork will end up being set too soft. · >>> RockShox Pike: 5 ways to a perfect set-up. RockShox supplies an air pressure guide printed on the left leg.

Set Sag Suspension sag can be used to set the proper suspension spring rate. It has been really difficult to setup the fork in a way I like it. For example, 150mm would be two or three tokens, 140mm three or four tokens etc. 5/130mm 29), Lyrik/Yari (140mm) - For use with a Pike 26" at 160mm, 27.

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