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Using your primary navigation radio (in this example the GNS 530), select the desired VOR frequency. If you just go ahead and send the 55X to S-Tec, which could indeed be defective, it&39;ll be north of 00 flat fee. Revised S-TEC 50 (AC) with 6406 HSI drawing to include S-TEC 55/60/65 autopilots. Roll information is displayed on the HSI. You can view the Config Module here. What is 55X autopilot? Manuals; Brands; S-TEC Manuals; Autopilot System; System 55X; S-TEC System 55X Manuals Manuals and User Guides for S-TEC System 55X.

Pilot Guide - IntelliFlight 1500 (Prog/Comp PN 01304) Pilot Guide - I ntelliFlight 2100 (Prog/Comp PN 01304) Pilot Guide - ALT / VS Selector/Alerter (PN 01279). NOTICE The information in this manual must be used in conjuction with the FAA approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement. S-TEC also believes in a building block philosophy which allows installation of an autopilot today as a foundation, and upgrading to a system with more features and functions at a later date. About Control Loop Gains.

S-TEC System 55 Pilot&39;s Operating Handbook, P/N 8747, datedor revision, or S-TEC System 55X Pilot&39;s Operating Handbook,. This manual provides flight line service information for the following S-TEC MEGGITT rate based autopilots: System 20/30/30 ALT System 40/50 System 55/55X/550 System 60-1/60-2 System 65 System 60 PSS 1. So far, the navigation signal which the autopilot receives via the HSI or CDI is easy. It uses the FGFS Turn Coordinator for the roll axis.

S-TEC SYSTEM 55 NORMAL OPERATING PROCEDURES In order to activate any mode, the autopilot master switch must be in the ON position and the RDY annunciator must be illuminated. Pitch Axis: "/controls/flight/elevator" 3. See full list on wiki. High-performance, two-axis autopilot for reducing pilot workload in IMC through all modes of flight. · Also check that the tray is mounted close enough to the radio rack that the connectors secure before the faceplate bottoms out against the radio rack. We have replaced the DG, Alternator, Voltage Regulator, Vacuum Pump, and had the Auto Pilot itself, (which includes the turn and bank indicator on the 30 series) sent back to S-Tec for complete inspection and testing, for which it passed perfectly fit, for a 00. Autopilot operation prohibited during take off and landing. Control Wheel Steering: Hand-fly aircraft and then let the autopilot take over to hold the existing turn rate and vertical speed.

· Please refer to the manual for details beyond the scope of this discussion. The S-TEC System Fifty Five X Pilot’s Operating Handbook, Serials 0002 thru 0434; P/N 87109 dated 8 November or later OR. INFORMATION FROM S-TEC REGARDING S-TEC 55X PITCH PROBLEMS Thank you for the information in regard to the pitch problems with this S-TEC Rate-Based Autopilot System. The method described in this section will utilize a 45-degree intercept to the desired radial – computed by the autopilot. S-TEC System 55X Pilot operating handbook (24 pages). Pilot Guide Errata, PFD software update version 2.

This System Fifty Five X Pilot&39;s Operating Handbook, part number 87109, dated or later, must be carried in the aircraft and be made available to the pilot while in flight. Installation Manuals. Customers upgrading from the S-TEC 55X servos will notice several major performance and feature improvements such as: ATTITUDE-BASED. For the 182R the S-TEC 3100 autopilot would be an excellent option, especially since you are upgrading from a 55X. Added STC Pending. 2 Purpose This Pilot&39;s s tec 55x autopilot installation manual Operating Handbook (POH) provides Pre-Flight and In-Flight operating procedures for the S-TEC System Twenty / Thirty / Thirty ALT Autopilot (AP). docRev Y Page 4 of 85 REV DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVED R Added KAP150 with KI525A drawing E1350 BH S Delete S-TEC 50/55/60/65 (DC) with S-TEC 6406.

· (The S-TEC X, while capable and available for the 340, use rate-based sensing that’s pushed a bit too far in cabin-class twins. The System 55X autopilot is a two-axis autopilot system. CONTROL WHEEL STEERING (CWS) Your new System 55 has a very desirable mode of operation - Control Wheel Steering (CWS ).

Contains all necessary components, hardware, and cables to upgrade an S-TEC Manual Electric Trim System to Autotrim. This will change the overall response of the system, and can be modified at any time. See the Configuration section above for more info on these gains. Pilot Guides Errata and Addenda. How much does Aspen system 55x cost? Download Free S Tec 50 Autopilot Installation Manual S Tec 50 Autopilot Installation Manual This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this s tec 50 autopilot installation manual by online. What’s compelling about a DFC90 upgrade is transitioning from the S-Tec’s analog, rate-based concept to a digital attitude-based platform. Genesys Aerosystems One S-TEC Way, Municipal Airport, Mineral Wells, TX 606 SA 86212 S F PRO X S TTENTION.

Page 4 15% above the glideslope. HSI – never directly to the autopilot. The autopilot also takes input from the turn coordinator, which is part of the S-tec system. CURRENT S-TEC INVENTORY. Category I operations only. Unlike most used system you find online or at other salvage facilities we supply complete autopilot systems with all components, wiring and brackets.

But it only uses that for roll control. Greatly improved stability due to the use of attitude data to control the autopilot inner control loops. . Airplane Flight Manual Supplements (AFMS) AFMS, EFD 500/1000 for software version 2.

22783 Airport Road NE Aurora State Airport Aurora, Oregon 97002 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The award-winning Aspen Evolution Pro 1000 primary flight display (PFD) and the System 55X autopilot by Genesys Aerosystems have created an autopilot solution to provide the highest level of safety and precision flying for general aviation aircraft. The software unlock is priced at ,995 for customers who already have an ACU2 installed. About Control Loop Outputs. S-TEC 55Xtopic on the forum. The autopilot unit by itself is pretty easy and intuitive to operate.

System 55X Autopilot Full Function Two Axis Analog Autopilot - Roll & Pitch. System Fifty Five X High-performance, two-axis autopilot for reducing pilot workload in IMC through all modes of. If however, your aircraft is unusually responsive, or unresponsive, you can adjust s tec 55x autopilot installation manual the axis gain as needed. Roll Axis: "/controls/flight/aileron" 2.

Autotrim upgrades are only available for System 55/55X, 60-2, and 60PSS autopilots. Autopilot Flight Director is not implemented in this installation. 00 bench test with shipping! The primary purpose of the System 55 Pilot Information Manual (PIM) is to provide potential S-TEC Autopilot buyers with step- by-step Functional Preflight and In Flight Operating procedures for the system. The system consists of a flight guidance programmer/computer, altitude encoder, altitude selector / alerter, turn coordinator, and HSI. Where is the autopilot unit on a STEC 55X?

You might not require more era to spend to go to the book introduction as capably as search for them. “Our latest autopilot, the S-TEC 3100, is unlike any other autopilot that we have produced in the past 40 years. 2nd Ed: Octo 1-3 SYSTEM 40/50 POH 1. Mode selection and vertical speed selection is made on the programmer/computer panel. What are the benefits of system 55x?

That&39;s why you want to make sure it&39;s not a connectivity issue. * When HDG & NAV are activated. See more results. Hundreds of STC’s: From light singles through piston twins. Overview of the S-Tec 55X Autopilot in the pre-Perspective Cirrus Aircraft.

Yaw Axis: "/controls/flight/rudder" If you want to make the autopilot part of a custom flight control system, such as used in the IDG PA28, set "use-controls-flight" to 0, and have your FCS read from the following properties: 1. S-TEC 55x installation manaual. G et a quote for a S-TEC 55X in your aircraft System 55X benefits: High Performance: Fully IFR-capable, with nav and glide slope intercepts that make it ideal for. The optional yaw damper uses an internal yaw rate sensor. Pitch Axis: "/it-stec55x. . Cable tensions (servo bridle and aircraft primaries). View online Pilot operating handbook for S-TEC System 55X Autopilot System or simply click Download button to examine the S-TEC System 55X guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer.

3 Required Test Equipment Nomenclature P/N Flight Line Autopilot Tester 95101 Breakout Box 9524 Adapter Cable 39198 Adapter Cable 39199 Extender Assembly 01264. Disregard all references in the S-Tec System 55X POH to this feature. This is particularly evident and important when tracking an ILS to minimums in windy conditions. This bulletin provides information essential to operate the new system in VMC under VFR. The S-TEC 55 autopilot can intercept and track a VOR radial to, or from the desired station. 0 Introduction The primary purpose of the System 40/50 Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) is to provide pilots with step-by-step functional Preflight and In-Flight Operating. Evolution E5 Installation Manual REV E.

Equipment Installation ManualY. S-TEC System 55X Manuals & User Guides User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your S-TEC System 55X Autopilot System. This package provides substantial benefits for both VFR and IFR operation. The following are a few suggestions as to what we have seen in the past and what the dealer should s tec 55x autopilot installation manual look for: 1. The IT-STEC55X System is rate based, like the real S-TEC 55X. 1 Document Organization Section 1Overview Section 2Pre-Flight Procedures Section 3In-Flight Procedures Section 4Operating Parameters Section 5Glossary 1. System 55X benefits: High Performance: Fully IFR-capable, with nav and glide slope intercepts that make it ideal for s tec 55x autopilot installation manual approaches. For those customers who require an ACU2, bundled pricing for the ACU2 and System 55X unlock is ,995.

The IT-STEC55X System uses a carefully designed control loop to work seamlessly on almost any GA aircraft with plausible flight dynamics. Evolution Pro PFD and the Genesys (S-TEC) System 55x autopilot The ultimate in autopilot integration. Roll Axis: "/it-stec55x/internal/aileron" 2. We have 1 S-TEC System 55X manual available for free PDF download: Pilot Operating Handbook. About Control Loop. ) About a year ago autopilot giant Genesys Aerosystems quietly announced that their new high-end digital autopilot for piston aircraft, the S-TEC 3100, would be available in the Cessna 340. Pilot Guide - S-TEC 3100 Autopilot (PN 87325) Pilot Guide - 2100 Autopilot (Prog/Comp PN 01304) Pilot Guide - SA-200 ALT/VS Selector/Alerter (PN 01282) Pilot Guide - GPSS Converter. ” said Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and.

S-TEC System 55X Pilot Guide Addendum. ADS-B Pilot Guide Supplement software update version 2. Below is listed each area of the IT-STEC55X Config Module, and what it is used for.

S tec 55x autopilot installation manual

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